Don't Take Survey

Asheville, North Carolina 2 comments

This company offers an amazon gift card if you complete their online small business survey.You complete the survey, then they tell you that there are already enough respondents.

They tell you this AFTER you complete the survey. This is a pure ripoff. This organization apparently offers online

advertising services, as most of the survey questions revolve around that

subject. They should tell you that they have received a sufficient number of completed surveys before you spend the time to follow their link to their survey questions.

They can use your survey without the compensation offered to you.This just is not right.

Review about: Advertising Survey.


Manchester, England, United Kingdom #627390

Valued Opinions?More like Unwanted Opinions.

I don't think you should ask people to complete a survey, then cut them off part way through, saying you've got enough opinions from a particular group.Do they assume everyone from a certain group has the same opinions??


Agreed. They've changed tactics a bit, but it's still a complete fraud. Do not complete the survey and be sure to flag the sender as spam.

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